1. Where are you based. 

London, England. Like many online stores, we run our business digitally. This means we don't have a physical retail store. But we have our own office in China. We have a 3 man team, that deals with product testing, prototype testing etc.

2. Do you manufacture your own Products. 

Yes & No! Some products we create ourselves ( like the Phone lock Box )  Other products we collaborate with other manufactures. 


 3Are you a Dropshipping Store.?  

No! We are not. We hold our own stock, in a 3rd party warehouse, based in China ) Dropshipper don't have their own stock)

( We also sell to our large customer base in China ) Your order is placed, product is checked, then we send to you. That way we guarantee quality control for our customers :-)

4. Will I  have to pay customs/duties/taxes? 

Deliveries go through traditional customs clearances, which may require customers to pay any applicable duties and taxes on arrival. It’s also best to check your local laws to see when you would have to pay duties/taxes on imported purchases and for what kinds of items. 


5.  Why doesn't Uniqueify accept paypal as an payment option?

Simple reason, we don't trust PayPal. Paypal are renown for withholding customers money, for as long as 6 months. We can't take that risk.  ( Read a recent article here ) 



6.  How do I get in contact with you?

Please contact us at the following email address: customersupport@Uniqueify.com